People have been taking about this whole Flash versus HTML5 for years. Sure, my iPhone and iPad get along without Flash, but the trade off is constantly being hounded to install apps for websites I frequent or dealing with mobile sites that aren't as functional as their desktop counterparts. I still haven't seen this… » 3/03/15 4:14pm Yesterday 4:14pm

That a XXX horsepower shot of nitrous would actually add XXX horsepower. The reality of destruction aside, if you tried pushing a 225 horse nitrous shot through a 5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine you're not going to end up with a 230 horse lawnmower. » 3/03/15 12:29pm Yesterday 12:29pm

I think that is the great unspoken take-away from all of this. While it is all relative, when you're more or less disenfranchised in the society you live in, and you're given the opportunity at 1) striking back at those who disenfranchise you and possibly 2) possibly martyrdom, why not? What is in it for these ISIS… » 3/02/15 4:35pm Monday 4:35pm