If I'm sloppy with my personal information and as a result someone steals my identity, the identity theft is wrong but I'm also an idiot for not being careful with my data. It isn't an either/or thing. How is this any different other than these women are famous and their personal information is their bodies? » 8/31/14 8:17pm Yesterday 8:17pm

Thomas Edward Patrick "Tom" Brady, Jr. (born August 3, 1977) is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriotsof the National Football League (NFL). After playing college football for the University of Michigan, Brady was drafted by the Patriots in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft. » 8/31/14 6:39pm Yesterday 6:39pm

I'm not sure that dealers have that much to worry about in terms of the manufacturers setting up factory direct stores. I just don't see the manufacturers having pockets deep enough to do that outside of the big metro areas. For arguments sake, there are about 18,000 new car dealerships across the country and a dozen… » 8/30/14 1:40pm Saturday 1:40pm

How is this for an idea to speed things up; replace 9 innings with 100 pitches, sort of like what they don in Twenty20 cricket? I don't know exactly how you'd do it, but you switch offense and defense every three outs until one (or both) teams get to 100 pitches. Or 75 pitches, or whatever number you come up with. » 8/29/14 6:12pm Friday 6:12pm

I grew up basically outside the gate of Otis (my father sold Snap-On Tools on base) in the 70's, and later when I was in the National Guard we would often train at Camp Edwards, right next door. We'd watch the F-15s take off all the time. » 8/29/14 2:52pm Friday 2:52pm

We had a cat pull something like this. Her name was Patches. We adopted her from a wife's co-worker when they moved to Arizona. Soon after taking her in we learned why she was the only pet they didn't move; she was psycho (her transfer to us is a story for when I'm not typing on a tablet). » 8/29/14 3:10am Friday 3:10am