Drunk woman kills two, gets six months

A Stamford, Conn. woman goes out drinking with friends one night, and on her way home hits two teen who were changing a tire on their car, dragging one 170 feet under her Navigator and killing both. She was able to plea to DUI and will serve 6 months but she gets off on the felony charges for vehicular manslaughter. » 4/18/14 7:18am Yesterday 7:18am

Unfortunately you are shouting into the wind on this one. A good chunk of fans of the old American Le Mans Series are refugees of CART/ChampCar who bailed on or about the time the shell that was ChampCar was absorbed into the Indy Racing League to form IndyCar, and everyone started running Dallara Hondas. They were… » 4/17/14 2:48pm Thursday 2:48pm

I only watched through the video once. I didn't see the lights on the van, nor did I hear a siren before the impact. That being said, the Lexus driver could have been a bit more alert to his surroundings (like the drivers in the other lanes were). And the sign is irrelevant; yes a left turn is illegal at that… » 4/16/14 8:49am Wednesday 8:49am